Public Artwork of the Day – St Lukes Church


I like this one. I go past the bombed out St Lukes Church most days, several times some days but I have never been able to see the inside.
But now thanks to Matej Andraz Vogrincic we can walk up a ramp from the Leece St gates and at least peer in through the window at one end.
Here we can see the church floor covered with upturned green boats. It probably wouldn’t make much difference what you filled it with I think the overall effect would be the same. I’d like to see Antony Gormley’s ‘Field’ of clay figures in there.
The boats are a nod to Liverpool’s maritime history and here’s an iteresting fact from the booklet.
“The Nave, the part of the church were the congregation gather to worship, derives from navis, the Latin for ‘ship’. ”


  1. Hi Ian,

    you missed the Urban Strawberry Lunch event in May !!

    Organized perfornaces and events outside of the church this year and last year. Actually last year just on the outside, this year several evening performances with lights and stage and all sorts.. Without USL the space would still be closed to the public.. They cleared it out, got a fire escape door sorted and negotiated patiently with the council.. They are planning a big event there for 2008 (with pirotechnics and helicopters…) and am not sure what exactly next year. AND they want to get it opened up to the public as a lunch time venue..

    They were the ones who put up the archival photography show on the railings… They are hoping to do an exchange project with another ruined church in Cologne. (This is where I come in..)

  2. Yes, I remember it happening but missed it somehow, can’t remember why. I saw the photos on the railings, very good. Anyway all that sounds good, looking forward to it.

    Wasn’t there plans to turn it into a ‘peace centre’ sponsored by Yoko or some-such?


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