Psycho Comedy Presents Welcome to Smashville

Psycho Comedy Presents Welcome to Smashville will provide and insight/introduction in to the surreal world of Psycho Comedy. Taking place at The Royal Standard in the Northern Lights Complex, Cains Brewery Village, the night will showcase both their multi-disciplinary creative output and artistic concept through:

  • Live music
  • Performance
  • Spoken word
  • Visual art/Exhibition

The night will also include the first ever screening of the Psycho Comedy documentary, directed by Caitlin Mongan.

An art instillation from Sophia Duff will further explain the concept.

Their work – which encapsulates music, visual art, poetry and film – has all been created with the Psycho Comedy concept in mind. All elements of the event interconnect to coalesce into one entity: Psycho Comedy.


Psycho Comedy translates as a schizophrenic acquaintance of myself – Shaun Powell. Delving in and out of two mindsets and ways of life; the debauched and the candid. The tracks are stories that derive from personal episodes since the of age 16 to the present day.

The conceptual town of ‘Smashville’ is the scene for the unhinged happenings where everything is immoral, a parallel land to the perceived morality of our own. When it arises from the immoral, the moral side of its inhabitants’ psyche searches for purity and calm, only to inevitably return to the debauched and chaotic.

The Psycho Comedy dog print (logo) is known as ‘Varmint’, which represents the ugly side of the personality than reigns in ‘Smashville’. Listen to the tracks and you will hear a conversation between the opposing sides of the personality. The moral and the immoral. The Apollonian and the Dionysian. Almost like a battle.

Influences derive from New York artists, musicians and poets (Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Johnny Thunders, Television etc) as they always seem to have had an intoxicating yet sincere struggle.

INTOXICATING/SINCERE. Can you see the two mind sets and the influence settling in?

The name Psycho Comedy originates from the Comic Strip Presents, with powerful, deranged humour being a reference point to the ongoing satire within the tracks. If you explore these tracks you will find elements of humour, ridicule and parody.

Though starting primarily as a band, we have evolved as a collective encapsulating music, performance, poetry and visual art. Our work explores the real and surreal nature of Psycho Comedy and Smashville. The dual, yet entwined, natures of the candid, the fantastical, the debauched, the virtuous, the hedonistic, the disciplined, the moral, the immoral, the humorous and the serious.

Delve in.

–              Shaun Powell, Psycho Comedy. 2018

Saturday 7th July 2018 at The Royal Standard, Liverpool.

Doors: 7pm till late.

Advanced tickets are priced at £6 and can be purchased from

Tickets are limited and advanced booking is advised.