Prevent closure of National Museums Liverpool’s museums and galleries

Petition to Prevent closure of National Museums Liverpool’s museums and galleries.

In case I haven’t mentioned this already.

“Liverpool museums are under threat because of central government cuts. National Museums Liverpool is being forced to consider closure of some of your museums. Please sign this petition to help prevent closure of your museums. We will present all the signatures from this to central government in the UK in October this year.

We value National Museums Liverpool and urge government to do all in its power to maintain adequate funding for our museums.”


  1. Disgusting, I guess having free museums to frequent won’t matter to Camerons priveleged kids!

  2. Yes, i agree. I don’t think anyone wants Liverpool to be cultured, when we were Capital Of Culture, the southerners mocked us. Maybe they just want us to be thick neanderthals who just rob cars etc, then we will tally with the awful image of Liverpudlians that they have refused to change.
    We have such a wealth of creativity here, and the art galleries & museums are an absolute must for our future generations.
    Why us again?


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