Prescot Museum – ‘The Wonderous Collection of Encapsulated Time’


Prescot Museum – ‘The Wonderous Collection of Encapsulated Time’
3 May – 31 July 2011
Private View: 13 May 2011, 18.00 – 20.00
Artist Sue Platt has a fascination with clocks that have become dysfunctional.  Clocks that were once clockwork operated, that had to wound up and required a conscious effort to keep on time.

“I have amassed many old broken clocks, their cases generally made from wood, some very ornate, some austere, and transformed them into small cabinets – tiny theatres in which to place a scenario, a moment caught in time.”

Each piece is a small observation of the world and our surroundings.  The work in this fascinating exhibition is concerned with the inherent history in a found object, revolving around the notion of collecting and display, of Cabinets of Curiosities and Wonder Rooms.

*If you would like to attend the private view, please RSVP Tina Ball 0151 443 5617 or via email

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