Poolside Emergency at The Bluecoat

A day-long splash of live art and performance in Liverpool.

Mayhem returns to Merseyside for the third frenetic outing of ‘Poolside Emergency – a mini-marathon of the weird and the wonderful, the bizarre and the breathtaking taking over at the Bluecoat on Saturday 13 April.

Co-presented by the Bluecoat and Manchester’s roaming performance collection, Word of Warning, previous incarnations have seen a hunting party leading a charge through the building; visceral experiments with butter and treacle; slow-dances in the lifts; singing in the toilets; mermaids in the cupboards and bucket-dancing in the stairwells 

Amongst the twenty-five or so works on show in 2013 the roster includes: a lone woman in a feat of scaffolding endurance; a secret economy conducted in a shed;  a man transforming his office desk into a garden; a living, breathing bed of earth and the ulitmate ‘on land’ pool party

The public is invited to drop-in for ten minutes or stay for the full five hours in this  free day-out for the curious, filling the Bluecoat’s many spaces from gallery to performance space, courtyard to garden shed.

‘Poolside Emergency takes place on Saturday 13 April 2013, from 12.00 to 17.00 FREE.

Participating artists (subject to change):

A Bottle Top Productions | Fiona Anderson | Lindsay Bennett | David Bethell | Megan Clark-Bagnall | Jack Coverdale | Façade Theatre | Frances-Kay | Rachel Gomme | Kitty Graham | Sarah Grainger-Jones | Martin Hamblen | Lara Haworth & Lucy Hayhoe | Michelle Man & Lauren McGowan | Sophie Nathan | Julieann O’Malley | Louise Orwin | Paper People Theatre | Xristina Penna + aswespeakproject | PGB | Rebekka Platt | Rosanne Robertson | Moreno Solinas | Sarah Spanton / Waymarking | Sam Treadaway


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