Point of Contact in Huskisson Memorial

huskisson-100.jpgThis is a lovely installation by Japanese artist Satoru Tamura which you can see flickering in the evening darkness as you walk along Hope St.

There is no statue in the Huskisson’s Memorial at present but the plinth is being put to good use as a small cable moves back and forth along a small piece of railtrack. As the bare wire touches the track a circuit is created and 50 small lights switch on, then off, then on etc.
Huskisson was MP for Liverpool and famously was the world’s first railway casualty as he fell under Stephenson’s Rocket at its inauguration and died with a speech in his pocket celebrating the glory of James Watt and technological progress.

Point of Contact by Satoru Tamura, a Jump Ship Rat project at Huskisson Memorial 10.00 – 22.00 until 30 October 2008