Plans for the Biennial Blog

First of all, how to find this blog:
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‘Blog’ is short for Weblog. i.e. a Log on the Web, i.e. An online diary or journal with dated entries, the more active community type blogs have several postings a day. The more personal ones, only one a day or often far less (more like a hardcopy diary)
Looking back at my 2004 Biennial Blog, I posted 160 entries, I thought it was a lot more but that’s about 2 a day over the 10 weeks. Since then my Liverpool Art Blog has grown, I get so much news that I often post 6 in a day. So this year’s Biennial blog promises to bigger and better than the 2004 version.
If you look at the right-hand column you will see that I’ve added a few ‘coming soon’ things.

E-Newsletter: Many of you will know that artinliverpool sends out a weekly e-mailshot to a few hundred subscribers. This is free and lists openings, viewings and other news for the week. The plan is to send out a daily (yes DAILY but maybe not Saturday and Sundays) over the 10 weeks of the festival. I will be creating a separate page on the site where people can subscribe/unsubscribe.

Contact: At present its not all that easy to send feedback or other info from the blog although you can add comments to individual posts. There will be another separate page for people to more easily send me any information about their biennial events or other comments/news.

Podcasts: These are really just audio files (mp3s), typically short interviews with artists, curators etc. You can listen to them on your PC using windows media, realplayer etc. but they are called podcasts because you can subscribe to them through Itunes so that new ones automatically download onto your ipod.


Videos: Not certain about this yet but if i can get the equipment and time, may include some short videos of performances etc.

Photos: Not a separate heading but hopefully we can include more photographs documenting the happenings, probably storing them in a Flickr group.

More Writers. Always happy to accept written contributions and images from others.

Rule Number 1 for websites (I’m sure it applies to other things too): A website is only as good as its content.

The aim is not to duplicate the info on but to be an additional resource and a long-term source for historical reference.