Photographer Rachel Megawhat responds to today’s big stories 4 April 2018

The Rapid Response Unit, Liverpool’s new creative news agency, has commissioned photographer Rachel Megawhat to respond to the news headlines today – Wednesday 4th April – and produced new pieces of digital work that will be shared via RRU social media platforms throughout the day.

Rachel is a prolific photographer based in London. Unusually she has exhibited widely as an artist/fine art photographer and has also had a career as a news photographer. Her personal art projects have included work on the effects of technology on society. She has had images published in most UK newspapers and on websites.

All collage work she has done for RRU is built up from photographs she has taken.

Commenting on her commission Rachel said;

“I am especially interested in RRU because it gives me a chance to think about crossing over between art and theory based work and live news, the two aspects of my work I normally keep separate.”

The following images have been created in response to today’s biggest new stories from around the world:

There have been 48 murders in the 94 days of 2018 in London. This does not include the amount of violent crimes and stabbings that don’t result in death. This wealthy city seems to be raising a generation trapped in a cycle of violence and poverty of behaviour .  If It takes a village to raise a child, does it take a city to destroy one ?

Rachel Megawhat

Ill behaviour, what is the illness? 
What if the prison is the life before the crime. Illegal weapons, illegal drugs, just symptoms?

Rachel Megawhat