Phil Redmond Takes Over as Chair of NML

Photo: Phil Redmond with David Fleming outside World Museum Liverpool

Following the recent announcement that he is to become the new Chair of National Museums Liverpool, Phil Redmond was welcomed to his post by Director, David Fleming, on Monday 4 August 2008.

Starting his first week with a bang, Phil Redmond will first visit World Museum Liverpool where he will get a guided tour of hit exhibition The Beat Goes On. From The Beatles to The Zutons, the exhibition explores Liverpool’s incredible musical success. Bursting with audio, juke boxes and exciting interactives, the exhibition is complete with a mini-recording studio and karaoke room.

The new Chairman’s first week will include tours of all the organisation’s venues to gain a valuable insight into the work that is carried out, not only in the public spaces but also in the stores and conservation areas.

I recorded an interview with Mr Redmond for the podcast but the sound quality was very poor – we were standing outside and my very basic recorder can’t cope with the wind.
I questioned whether he really enjoyed these roles he’s taken on recently which must involve a lot of time sitting in meetings. He replied that it depends on the type of meeting – he’s been to many very long but enjoyable meetings with fellow creatives which is a lot more fun than meetings with councillors for instance.

He repeated his quote that being a success is 5% talent, 5% luck and 90% hard work – and that includes this sort of thing.

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