Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Phil Key Retires from the Daily Post

After 40 years at the Daily Post, Arts Editor, Phil Key is stepping down. He writes a very nice summary of his career in today’s paper. I hadn’t realised he started as industrial correspondent.

‘Some of it took a little getting used to. Take that sense of humour based largely on comic insults. I had been used to the more gentle southern humour, but on Merseyside it was pretty aggressive. Once you learned how to give as good as you got, however, it was fine. There was no point in being over-sensitive, particularly for a newcomer with a south London accent.’

I always found his writing knowledgeable, thoughtful and despite being a Southerner, well tuned into the local psyche. It will be a hard act to follow but we’ve been very impressed with Vicky Anderson’s work thus far.

The picture above by Jim Connolly captures Phil in typical pose.