Petition: Sign to Stop The Government reclassifying Crafts as Non-Creative

There is currently a move by government in relation to ‘Classifying and measuring the creative industries’ which proposes ‘Crafts’ is removed from the categories.

DCMS has stated that the removal of crafts as a recognised category would not have any impact on funding and have given reassurance that they still consider craft to be a very important sector.  However to omit craft as a category denies makers, craft agencies and organisations and the government itself robust and commonly agreed data that evidences craft’s importance. Without data, the sector understandably has concerns that it is less visible than other parts of the creative industries, on the principle that “what doesn’t get counted, doesn’t count”.

There’s a useful round up via Guardian Professionals if you are interested in reading more

You can sign a petition here and forward to other contacts and networks.

There is currently a formal consultation taking place which will close on 14 June 2013. You can contribute to this via The Crafts Council


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