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Parr Street Studios Hotel and a bit of White Magic

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Monday’s are usually a bit different as very few galleries are open and people are busy sending me emails about the new week’s events.

So this Monday we had a good look around the newly refurbished hotel rooms above Parr Street Studios. We were also fortunate to be able to have a look at the main studio, its a really interesting place with different rooms decorated and furnished differently to create a different type of sound.

I’ve been to 3345 club loads of times but never seen the hotel or studios.

Designed by new co-owner, Gary Millar the hotel is being described by the press as 4 star. First impressions are “WOW” and early testing of the new beds, memory mattresses and Power Showers (I was sorely tempted to try one) has been a unanimous and resounding WOW!

From 1st April all 12 rooms will be available. They are chic (bo-ho chic), funky, warm and modern. New windows, new floors, new beds, new showers and fantastic new furniture.


On Sunday night we had gone to Magnet for the Defcon magazine re-launch night featuring the group ‘White Magic‘ from the USA but they had played in Ireland the night before and the ferry was cancelled so it was a no show.
But, despite not arriving in Liverpool till about 3 a.m. they staged an impromptu performance in Probe Records at 13.30.
If you’ve been to Probe you will know that it is a small corner shop, not a concert venue but it worked out pretty well as there were just enough people to squeeze in and create a cosy atmosphere. It was a nice gig.

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