Open Culture Website Relaunch


We have just been to the re-launch event for the Open Culture website. Artinliverpool got some good coverage there as well – Phil Redmond called us Culture Stalkers – fair enough.

The original website has been redesigned in partnership with FACT in the spirit of collaboration and openness which is what its all about.

If you’re involved in a cultural project or want to be then you can register with Open Culture and post to any of the sections – Words, Pictures, Video or Culture Swap.

You will see that we have our Liverpool Art Prize call for nominations in the Words section and also our Call for Sponsors in the Culture Swap section in the hope that organisations or individuals who are looking to sponsor or support our event will see it and make us an offer (hint).

There is also a useful and fast-growing links or signposting page

All that’s needed now is for more people to use it and spread the word.