Open Call For Photos: ‘Real Love’ Bed-In at The Bluecoat

From The Bluecoat bed-in people…

Open Call For Photos: “Real Love” Bed-In at The Bluecoat

In every society, there exists conventions about what love is supposed to look like. It is sentimental Hollywood romance, white picket fences  and 2.5 kids. It never talks about growing old. These have become so strong that people often are excluded — in many societies, people are ostracized and bullied for who they love or who they want to love, or can’t be with the person they love for political, economic or social reasons, or we’re taught you have to look and act a certain way to be in the perfect relationship. “Real Love” is a project that breaks down those conventions — if we love and accept ourselves, it is easier to love each other, and in turn, the world.

This is where you come in. What we want are photos of couples — married, unmarried, civilly partnered, one-night stand, straight, gay, lesbian, of all ages and nations and circumstances, polyamorous relationships, couples where one partner is absent for whatever reason. We also want couples outside the traditional sense, because you don’t have to be paired up to share a special bond, so photos of partners-in-crime, best friends, you with your kids or you with your pet crocodile are welcome.

Using the iconic image of John and Yoko’s Bed-In ( as a starting point, we want our couples to take photos of themselves in bed, in any bed (doesn’t have to be yours), wearing whatever you like and posing however you like (please, no nudity or anything sexually suggestive per the gallery’s rules), however you best express yourselves and your relationship.

In the photo, in lieu of the “Bed Peace / Hair Peace” signs, we want you to write one sentence about love (Although you can just send in a photo if you wish) This could be a lesson you’ve learned along the way, advice to the world, anything, with the idea of compiling a picture outside of our set conventions of what love is supposed to be / look like, to create a space where all representations of love are accepted, embraced and celebrated. The submitted photos would be posted around the event space on the day of the bed-in for people to view and read and ponder and then posted online at a later date.

Submissions should be sent to Please include your first names and location (city and country). Digital submissions only. Deadline is Saturday 6th November.


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