On Max Zadow by Tim Birch

zadow_p.jpgFrom the Independents website…

On Max Zadow : Abled Artist
by Tim Birch

“I haven’t got an art degree and there is a certain amount of snobbery around that… I came to this through work first of all as a journalist with BBC News & Current Affairs.”

So states Max Zadow as we meet inside the FACT café. Well used to teasing out a narrative then, Max outlines his backstory.
“I have a long history with the Biennial. My first commission was when I pitched an idea to White Diamond [Liverpool-based art organisation and periodical publisher of an art fanzine]. It was a digital art piece. I hate it now but at the time it meant quite a lot to me. So each time I try to do something for the Biennial and this year there are quite a few pieces which have ended up being used in the Biennial. It’s been a good way of coalescing activities -of giving them a focus, a place for premieres, a space in which they can be seen and a focus for collaboration.”