On ‘Cape Farewell’ by Peter Hagerty

cape_2.jpgFrom the Independents website…

Cape Farewell : Art and Climate Change
by Peter Hagerty

…The artist, curator and expedition organiser David Buckland considered the role that art may have in raising public awareness of climate change “How do you approach climate change through art and the artistic process?” he asks “you can’t make art directly about carbon dioxide levels, the challenge instead is to look for an emotional response, rather than an informative approach”. It was from these thoughts that The Cape Farewell Project was born and in 2003 Buckland invited a group of artists and scientists aboard the schooner Noorderlicht in a voyage to the western coast of the Arctic

…Some artists responded on their arrival to the spectacular Arctic environment, the sculptor Antony Gormley and the architect Peter Clegg carved huge blocks of ice, the sound artist Max Easterly hydrophone in hand explored the depths of the Arctic ocean, while others like the writer Ian Mc Ewan returned home to ruminate and reflect on how he could incorporate his experience in any future novel. The sculptor Rachel Whiteread subsequently filled the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern with hundreds of white cubes for her piece “Embankment” (2005) which she describes as her “cast of a glacial plain”. …



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