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On Ballet Mechanique by Leo Wood

ballet-mechcanique-2.jpgLatest interview on the Independents website…

Ballet Mechanique – Ben Parry and Jacques Chauchat.
by Leo Wood

Huge changes to the physical and social fabric of the city of Liverpool are taking place. In reaction to these changes, Jump Ship Rat (JSR), a local art collective, have chosen to explore Liverpool 08’s prevailing cultural theme ‘City in Transition’, and to make an artistic interpretation of Liverpool’s changing urban fabric.

JSR, who have been themselves pushed out of their home by new building developments and as a result do not have a building space to work from, have looked at ways of addressing these changes; finding ways of taking art beyond the city’s interior spaces and onto the streets, extending the notion of temporary public art. Ben Parry, one of the original founders of JSR, says that, ‘to match the city’s development we need to re-invent the way in which artwork is encountered and experienced’….


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