On Adam Nankervis by Alex Hetherington

manuseum_coll_1.jpgAnother review from the Independents website…

Curating the curious On nomadic, necessary, impermanent, collective, obsessive and spontaneous strategies
The sociable art of Adam Nankervis
by Alex Hetherington

Australian-born, Liverpool-based artist Adam Nankervis works with a collision of tactics, an array of tensions and assemblage, a merger of disputations, negotiations and dialogues and a broad wealth of visual art vocabulary that connects his practice within the territories of artists like Maurizio Cattelan, Kurt Schwitters, Marcel Broodthaers, Kyoichi Tsuzuki, Gregor Schneider, curators like Massimiliano Gioni and Ali Subotnick and the strategy of the artist-led project/ curator/ gallery/ space/ publisher.
From it’s origins as Another Vacant Space in New York in the early 1990s, where commodity, economic failure and recession and opportunity merged, transforming as a form and function in Berlin (with a stopover in Copenhagen) through transformation to its destination now as residency in Liverpool, for Independents Nankervis, the Museum Man, presents his Blur Prints. Another Vacant Space which represents not a culmination of activity but a slice of it away from his home/space/museum to reinvest and restage its vibrancy in an open arena where it can be shared and experienced….