Older people visit Pyramid to see their memories and life experiences on display through art

Older people visit Pyramid to see their memories and life experiences on display through art

A group of older people visited Pyramid arts centre today to see a project they put their memories and life experiences into.

Slippers in the Rain is a unique art project created by collaboration between older Lymm residents, local artist Helena Edwards and Culture Warrington.

The group took part in workshops to discuss their thoughts and feelings before using them as inspiration for striking works of art, now displayed in the Slippers in the Rain exhibition at Pyramid arts centre.

Memories of the hardships of wartime and the pleasures of dancing are also featured.

Residents from the Lymm care homes involved, Cheshire Grange and Keate House, were delighted to visit Pyramid and see their hard work displayed in the art gallery.

77-year-old Joseph Newton, from Keate House, said: “It’s fantastic to come along and see the display.

“Art takes your mind off things and gives you something to enjoy.  I like building and painting model planes as well so I was happy to get involved with this.”

Margaret Clough, 76, who lives at Cheshire Grange, added: “I think it’s marvellous that our art is on display.  I’m very proud.”

Named after a line in Jenny Joseph’s popular poem Warning, about positive ageing, the display features a variety of work produced by residents aged between 60 and over 90.

The colourful illustrations capture the spirit of that poem; of taking delight in the freedoms that can come with advancing age.

Artist Helena said: “Many older people are forced to give up hobbies they have enjoyed because of failing health, which leads to isolation.

“I believe that painting can be a positive outlet for creativity and provide a sense of companionship, regardless of whether people feel they are ‘artistic’.”

Creativity, she said, can help people face challenges like loneliness and failing health, to celebrate and share memories, and to respond to the world around them.

The Slippers in the Rain display, which ends on Saturday 28 January, is accompanied by a comments book featuring reviews such as “beautiful”, “moving” and “colourful and expressive”.


Greetings cards featuring Lilies of the Field are also available to buy for a donation of £1.50 to Lymm Baptist Church.