NOISE is ‘Overwhelmed’


(Closing date for Submissions is May 31st 2006)

NOISE, Europe’s first cross media showcase for creative talent 25 years and under has been staggered by interest and positive response to the festival in the first week of launch. This is ahead of a national marketing campaign to promote the opportunities for young people including a ‘Dreamjob’ project to work with top creative companies both UK and abroad, a design project to collaborate with leading international street artists and a whole range of other projects across fine art, documentary making and music.

The high level of interest in the festival suggests that for many young creatives there is a lack of a platform for their work and that they are now looking to NOISE to bridge the gap between their creative output and the exposure of their talent to the wider public.

NOISE has a host of industry figureheads to select the best of the work submitted to the website including Wayne Hemingway, Peter Saville and Mark Eley of Eley Kishimoto. Not only is this a rare opportunity for young people to have their work seen by a top professional but NOISE, in partnership with some of the biggest media channels in the country will showcase the best work across television, radio, online and print come October 2006.