NOISE! art show on TV last night

Oh god, why did I stay up till 1am to watch this awful programme? The very poorly presented Blast! Friday had feature on the NOISE! festival challenge to present an exhibition. Details in previous posts
The BBC listings and the presenters insisted it was in Manchester. I think it started there but most of it was filmed in Royal Standard where the artist Kevin has his studio and FACT’s cafe then Korova and View Two gallery in Mathew street where the exhibition is actually taking place.

They did that awful trick of showing us half the piece up front then making us sit through the rest of the program before showing the conclusion. So I had to endure a film encouraging kids to take up parkour (urban freeflow). ‘Yes, I’ve had a few injuries” “I did serious damage to my knees” “I injured my back” etc. The last thing I want to see as I’m strolling round my urban environment is a load of prats leaping over railings and jumping off roofs to land head first in front of me.
They also reviewed another exhibition which looked quite good. I wonder where / what it was. If they told us I’m afraid I missed it.

I don’t know if the artists had any say in the direction or content of the filming but I think someone has been watching too many big-brother type shows. So there was lots of arguments, bitching behind the back, solo talking to camera whilst sitting on the toilet!! No real information about NOISE!, the artists, the artworks or the venues in LIVERPOOL. (not Manchester)
I’ve seen the exhibition in View Two though along with the Chaosmos show and its rather good. I recommend you go and see it. I’ll be going back for another look and trying not to picture the artists sitting on the loo. Meanwhile the dust covers are going back on the TV I don’t have that much time to waste.