No New Years Eve Fireworks for 2007 – Bells Instead

I’ve had a lot of emails asking about this year’s New Years Eve.
There are no official firework displays as the focus for the start of 2008 will be the opening events on the 11th and 12th of January.
There should be other build-up events – details to follow and there is this event at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral…

‘Ring in the New …. It’s our time, our place’

This New Year’s Eve there will be pause for reflection and then the record-breaking sound of the highest and heaviest peal of bells across the city as Liverpool goes from birthday year into its reign as European Capital of Culture.

It’s all happening at the Anglican Cathedral who are hosting this free event. Says Director of Hospitality Eryl Parry, “Doors will open at 10.30pm for a celebration that begins with Love and Joy Gospel Choir at 11pm. There is a moment in most people’s New Year’s Eve when people reflect back over the year that’s past. We will be offering the chance for people to come together in one of most awesome places in the world to do just that but joyfully and collectively to thank God for our city, its creation and creativity. There will be a great atmosphere of anticipation as we approach midnight as so many of us have been looking forward to the dawning of 2008 for so long!


  1. Are tickets required for the midnight service at the Anglican Carthedral?
    So disappointed there are no fireworks!

  2. very dissappointed there are no celebrations marking the start of Capital of |culture in Liverpool City Centre

  3. Well, I’ll be celebrating 🙂
    I think its a wise decision though to leave it till after the New Year when everyone is busy doing there own thing. No-one wants to work or perform or even go out much on New Years Eve and there’s hardly any transport.
    The show on Jan 11/12 will be much better for it.

  4. i cant believe there is no celebration for new years eve. just about every major city has fireworks and celebrations to welcome the new year- least of all if they are going to be celebrating the start of capital of culture!
    there has been a lot of hype about liverpool 08. i hope this disapointing effort for the start of it, isn’t a sign for things to come.

  5. I and my two boys aged 9 and 3 are disappointed that there are no fireworks this new years eve. We live on the Wirral and it is a treat for the boys to stay up and go out in the dark and be taken down to Priory Wharf with drinks and sweets to watch the fireworks – I really hope Liverpool can shine during 2008.

  6. I have 2 children who will be disappointed this year that there are NO firework displays in Liverpool.Thank goodness I booked tickets for the Philharmonic matinee for us

  7. WHAT NO FIREWORKS THIS NEW YEARS EVE START OF THE CAPITAL OF CULTURE i have brought my granchilden to stay i promise them to take them albert dock being sure liverpool would have
    can’t liverpool ever do any thing BIG)

  8. As I’m sure I’ve said before, there are massive events less than 2 weeks later on the 11th and 12th of January. Try and get to the public one on the 11th.

    It would be too much to have a firework show on NY eve as well.
    And don’t forget last year’s fireworks were postponed for a week because of the weather and we survived ok without them

  9. I’m not wishing to slaughter all of the hard work that’s gone on for 2008 in Liverpool but has no-one realised that European Capital of Culture 2008 means January 1st 2008 to 31st December 2008…surely not from 2 weeks in on the 11th. It rather defeats the object of the whole thing. ‘Happy New Year everyone but hold your drinks for a bit longer: we can’t celebrate until the 11th.’

  10. No fireworks for New Year’s Eve and nothing is ready for 1st January 2008! Is this the most disappointing start to a Capital of Culture year ever?

  11. No fireworks on new years eve – strange most of us think that 2008 starts on the 1st when we are on holiday and can make merry. Had many of us known we would have gone to London to celebrate. Maybe there could have been some consultation with the people in the city – bells – not quite the same for the children is it. The thing about culture is it’s there all the time that’s why this great city got C of C Mathew Street Festival Fireworks great things we already had – bells – can’t wait.

  12. I agree, very disappointing. Plenty of people do not wish to celebrate the new year by paying to get into a crowded pub – a firework event 2 weeks’ later may well suit the decision makers and publicity machine, but it deprives the residents of the Wirral and Liverpool of a free event on a night that THEY would appreciate it.

  13. No, sorry, you’ll all have to gather round the TV and watch what’s happening in London, Edinburgh etc.

    We’re going to the cathedral to listen to the bells – not very exciting, I agree but there’s plenty of that to come.

    By the way, the other Euro Capital of Culture, Stavanger, is having their big launch celebrations on 11/12 January as well.


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