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Since October 2010, a small group of youth volunteers have been meeting weekly to help put together the first National Museums Liverpool volunteer newsletter.

They each took on different roles; carrying out interviews, reviewing exhibitions and putting together stories that would feature in the newsletter.

The group also worked alongside Michelle Fiddler, a journalist from the Liverpool Echo who has helped mentor the volunteers throughout the project; sharing her background and experiences with them.

We hope to have the first edition of our newsletter out very soon and we can exclusively reveal its title will be ‘Volunteers In Print’. There will be lots of stories and opportunities to publicise what our brilliant volunteers get up to both front of house and behind the scenes, so it should hopefully make for a fun and informative read!

The Volunteers Team are always looking for volunteer stories to publish on the blog and also now within forthcoming newsletters, so if you volunteer with us and wish to publicise what you get up to whilst volunteering – please give us a shout.

And finally, big thanks to our newsletter volunteers: Ashley, Charlotte, Emily, Hannah, Hasan, Roz and Stephen for their time and creative journalistic skills.
If you wish to find out more about volunteering at National Museums Liverpool, please contact the Volunteer Team.

You can also find out more about Youth Volunteering on the vinspired website or the volunteering section on our website.


  1. Ha ha! I count 11 references to volunteers or volunteering in this piece. The “big society” cometh indeed! And what will happen to all the good people who actually work for a living alongside these volunteers once the workplace is saturated with an unpaid workforce?

  2. In this climate of dismantling local institutions and relying on volunteers we should all be aware of how close we are moving towards exploitation. A volunteer workforce is a political philosophy which opens the floodgates to mass unemployment and deprivation, especially in the cultural sector where it will always be a battle to justify a fair wage.


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