New Years Eve Fireworks Display

I’ll be there – if its not too cold.

from the Culture Company…

A VISUAL extravaganza will bring 2005 to a close in Liverpool.

New Year’s Eve will see one of the UK’s finest neoclassical buildings, St George’s Hall, lit up with dramatic flame effects, lights, lasers and pyrotechnics.

The show will mark the end of Liverpool’s third Capital of Culture themed year – Sea Liverpool 2005.

This year, organisers at the Liverpool Culture Company have decided to build on the traditional end-of-year display by staging a spectacular ‘son et lumiere’ show. The New Year’s Eve display is the latest of Liverpool’s established events to receive an upgrade ahead of European Capital of Culture in 2008.

January 1 will herald the start of a new themed year – Liverpool Performs – a celebration of Liverpool’s outstanding reputation as a city of top class performances, from the football pitch all the way to the recording studio.

Spectators are advised to watch the display from St George’s Plateau or Lime Street. The display kicks off at 5pm, and will last for approximately 20 minutes.
Associated road closures: Lime Street will be closed on 31/12/05 from 4.15pm until 5.45pm. London Road will be closed from Norton Street from 4.15pm until 5.45pm. William Brown Street will be closed all day on 31/12/05 and 01/01/06. All times are approximate and are subject to change.


  1. I guess it is fitting that the city that marked the new millenium with a silent laser-projected clock passing straight on with no mark of the passing of midnight – not a firework, not a flare, not a siren, not a cannon, not any announcement – as thousands watched in disappointed, frozen, bemusement, would have now gotten into the habit of “celebrating” new year at five in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve. Quite why Liverpool should mark Karachi’s New Year is incomprehensible. Perhaps it is to avoid transport problems and police overtime after midnight? It certainly does nothing to divert people from firing off explosives right through the the following night. I guess they celebrate the new year arriving in other places around the globe too. Still, this is the city that cannot get together a bonfire on November 5th either, anymore. Not the right sort of culture for serious respect I suppose.

  2. I don’t know about the millennium thing but I prefer the early evening firework show when its easier for more people to get along, especially families with young children.
    I know all the capital cities are now more-or-less obliged to put on expensive shows at midnight but there’s no need for every other city to do the same.

  3. The display was absolutely fantastic! Very creative and well planned.
    I also agree 5pm is a good time for the fireworks. We were able to see the show, return home and still have adequate time to get dressed and attend a mate’s New Year’s party on the Wirral. Not everyone goes out in town.

  4. I’ve only just found this site via a link from Peter Carr’s site. Thank you Yvonne. I enjoyed the display, and got some pictures myself which can be seen in the link to my gallery. I liked the display the previous year on the Cathedral better, because it was bigger, and morse spectacular. This seemed a way for the council to scale back their display, with the use of lasers, lights, flamethrowers, and smoke machines during some quiet sections of the backing music. From a photographic point of view, it was a difficult location to take pictures, with a lot of distracting street lights.

  5. i tried to get some information reg the postponed new years eve firework display you site appears to be a year behind whats up


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