New Pier Head Canal Link

lcl_Pier_Head_Canal_View.jpgWe went to the World of Glass in St Helens yesterday. Not for the exhibition or the glass-blowing demonstration but for the Mersey Partnership Tourism Members Meeting. We had to fore go the lunch again as we wanted to get back to take a look at the new exhibition at Tate Liverpool by contemporary Chinese artists. I’m glad we did as it was very interesting although there was still a lot of installation work going on and some works were still arriving at the last minute from China.

At St Helens there were some informative messages from Ron Helsby of World Of Glass, not just about their museum but about the regeneration of St Helens. Keith Blundell, Head of Tourism for Liverpool Culture Company listed some of the highlights for 07 and 2008. We had an update from Martin King of TMP and Martin Clarke from British Waterways brought us up to date with the new extension to the Leeds – Liverpool canal to bring it past the Pier Head and into Canning Dock.
The canal development looks quite exciting but it seems we’ll lose all the green space we’ve had at the Pier Head all these years. You can read all about it and see pictures from a webcam on the webpage:


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