New Museum of Liverpool to Open in July 2011

Photo © Minako Jackson


The Museum of Liverpool will be opening in July, National Museums Liverpool announced today.

With six months to go, the £72m project is continuing apace in time for opening, with internal fit-out of major galleries taking shape to such an extent that the three-phased opening has been reduced to just two.

The largest newly-built national museum in Britain for more than a century, the Museum of Liverpool provides 8,000 square metres of dedicated public space over three floors, two of which will be open in July

David Fleming, director of National Museums Liverpool said: “We’re very excited to announce that the Museum of Liverpool will be opening this coming July. Over the next couple of months, we will be able to set the exact opening date, which will give a real focus to the project and create a great buzz in the city. This will be one of the world’s great museums.”

Welcoming visitors into the heart of the building, the visitor experience will begin in the Atrium, dominated by a unique elliptical staircase which sweeps up through the centre of the building creating a major focal point and an exhibit in itself.

Each at 40 metres long by 28 metres wide, the Wondrous Place and People’s Republic galleries are the largest in the museum, opening in the first phase. Exploring the city’s creative and sporting history, and the impact on people of living in the city, both galleries take in superb views of the city through their huge picture windows, giving perfect vantage points of some of Liverpool’s most iconic architecture and its reason for being: the River Mersey.

July will also see the opening of the Skylight gallery, displaying Ben Johnson’s renowned Liverpool Cityscape opposite Mike McCartney’s own personal choice of his photographs in response to views of Liverpool.

Visitors on opening day can also enjoy the museum’s Global City gallery, including its opening exhibition East Meets West, exploring the city’s links with China and Shanghai and the gallery’s permanent display revealing Liverpool’s global links throughout history.

A tailored children’s gallery aptly named Little Liverpool will complete the opening phase, welcoming children aged six and under into their own dedicated space. With plenty of sensory and visual displays including a water play-space based on the River Mersey, the gallery will be the perfect place for young visitors to begin their museum experience with play and discovery at its heart.

David Fleming continues: “The entire team here at National Museums Liverpool has worked hard to create a world-class museum that has been inspired by this city and its people. I can’t wait to open the doors to visitors from near and far to show off what Liverpool’s people have created and to encourage others to discover more about this extraordinary city – the only city in the world to have a national museum devoted to it.”

Phase Two Information:

With an abundance of objects, displays and exhibitions open to keep young and old minds alike occupied from July onwards, the opening crescendo of the Great Port and Liverpool Overhead Railway galleries will be revealed towards the end of the year.

Also opening in the second phase will be a 38 metre timeline packed with objects to form the backbone of the History Detectives gallery, where an interactive map of Merseyside will explore how places change, and visitors can also discover the key events that shaped Liverpool’s history.

The City Soldiers gallery featuring the collection of the King’s Regiment, further community spaces and a 192-seat theatre featuring a dramatic theatrical presentation about the story of Liverpool will complete the opening schedule.