New Curator for World of Glass, St Helens

Hannah with an egyptian shabti
Hannah with an egyptian shabti

Hannah’s hooked on the Egyptians

When a little girl took a school trip to London’s British Museum 16 years ago she never imagined it would lead her to Liverpool University and a top career at a local museum.

“I remember that seeing Tutankhamen’s death mask really captured my imagination”, says Hannah Longworth, 23, from St Helens who will soon become the Curator at The World of Glass.

After studying archaeology at Liverpool University Hannah is now training for her role by combining work at the museum with a two-year Diploma course at St Andrews University.

“After that trip with my school classmates I became fascinated by the ancient Egyptians, admits Hannah.

“I live just a ten-minute walk from The World of Glass and started working weekends there while at university”.

Her  course at St Andrews involves four residential stays, each of a week, which Hannah finds really valuable.

“It’s such a great experience to meet and share ideas with people from museums all over the country who have similar jobs and interests as yourself.”