New Contemporaries – More Reviews

From today’s Daily Post by Laura Davis…

IT IS more than half a century since the Bloomberg annual student art exhibition was launched and it hasn’t got any less controversial.

This year’s 36 exhibitors were selected from more than 1,200 hopefuls so their works don’t really fit together into a coherent whole.

They range from geometric designs to large-scale installations that might look more at home in a sweet shop than an art gallery.

Jeremy Willett’s Stargazer, a polystyrene sculpture of about 4ft wide, looks like a stack of pastel-coloured oblong marshmallows.


AND from Stuart Ian Burns Feeling Listless blog…

Yesterday I had the pleasure of strolling down to Greenland Street for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2006. As with the previous exhibition, there are some hidden gems, but two pieces in particular have stuck in my memory.

In Joshua Balgos’s very effective video work Cigarettes (2005), an audio recording of a conversation between a shop clerk and a man buying cigarettes ensues over an ever changing collage showing snatches of the same photograph of a beautiful white house.