New Website now Live


Nice new shiny website for
Looks good, not all there yet. No mention at all of the Independents! Thats a bit weird.
No contacts page, no access to the previous biennials and nothing much in the events diary yet.
Still a month to go though.


  1. Does look good doesn’t it. Clear but intriguing – not giving everything away.

    I think it’s good to have the more open ‘also recommended’ rather than the Independents.

    There seems to be a strange and slightly worrying obsession with registration in the Independents process. I think it should be possible to develop work on whatever schedule people choose. The Biennial goes on for a good while and the idea that people should wait until 2008 if they aren’t in time for some arbitrary deadline is just what we don’t need.

    And yes. The talks schedule would be good. I need to organize my shifts for work.

  2. I see that the archive and contacts are there now Ian – as links from the ‘About Us’ page

  3. Yes, more information there now. Not replying to emails of course, thats normal practice for ‘corporate’ websites.


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