New Artist – Sarah Fleming

img060 c. Sarah FlemingAnother day, another artist joins artinliverpool’s directory.
Sarah Fleming is actually in Leeds at present, in the first year of the Graphics & Visual Communication Design Degree course but has been working on a Liverpool-based project.
“My work is wide and varied with much emphasis on visually creative solutions to design problems. Although currently studying a Graphic Design degree, I hold a strong interest in illustration (hand and computer generated) as well as the usual Graphic Design areas.”


  1. Dear Art in Liverpool,

    Can we please have more A level and BTEC artists represented on your site.
    The last thing we would want the general public to think is that there are actually professional artists trying to make a living in the city.
    Indeed, do you have a sense of what actually makes an artist a professional?

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Martin,
    I just post what people send me. There’s over 100 Liverpool artists in the directory now. Some are professional, some aren’t and I have my own opinions about the quality but I’ve never rejected any requests. After all, this is a free service (i.e. I pay for it!) Are you an artist yourself? You are welcome to apply for a page in the directory.

    I have sold a fair few of my own paintings in the past so I suppose I could claim to ne a professional artist.



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