New Artist – Cannon King

cup-of-coffee c. Cannon KingLatest addition to the directory is Cannon King.
He says
‘there are certain themes in my work that become apparent. when i become obsessed with certain shapes or subjects, they will appear in my work for a long time. my work on cigarettes has been a big part of my art for a while, but i have recently moved on. my cigarette work ‘the Marlboro culture’ was an attempt to sum up the ‘smoking was cool’ era.’
His own website:


  1. we went to the beach and paddled :). i will make bacon sarnies soon. we are pissed. Withnail and i for life!

  2. Thank you for your interesting comment.
    My advice is not to make bacon sarnies when you are pissed. Not only is this a major cause of house fires but also bacon sarnies are disgusting and bad for you.


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