NEKO ‘Flitch Swicking Lifters’

neko-06-1.jpg neko-06-2.jpg

“NEKO was a small Japanese porcelain cat, brought to England via space craft in the mid fifties.
Somewhere along that journey alien intervention transformed the animal into a living breathing mutant, half cat – half artist, and the legend of NEKO had begun!”

NEKO has a studio in Unit 14 of 36 Seel Street, he has turned half of the space into a small gallery where he has created this installation.

A strange mix of graphics, drawing, video installation. All red, black and white with red light bulbs.

NEKO writes poetry inspired by or inspiring the art and in a drawer in the gallery you will find one entitled ‘Flitch Swicking Lifters’ which starts…
flicks switching on
flicking off
chicks flicking on
switching off

flickers turn it on
then switch it off
switchers flicking on
flick them off…

At Unit 14, 36 Seel St until November 26 2006


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