National Museums Liverpool – Free Easter Family Events

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Lots of free activities over the Easter break at the NML venues.

Events, Workshops, Storytelling, Talks etc.

All listed here…

International Slavery Museum

Open daily 10am- 5pm

Albert Dock, Liverpool
Telephone 0151 478 4499
Free entry
The International Slavery Museum is the only national museum in the world to deal with transatlantic slavery and its legacies. Liverpool, central to the transatlantic slave trade in the 18th century, is a fitting location for this groundbreaking museum. Containing dynamic, powerful and moving displays on the horrific trade, the museum uncovers the largely hidden account of the exploitation of Africa and Africans. A gallery on the legacy of transatlantic slavery, both contemporary as well as historic, reflects issues that are relevant to the world today.


Destination Freedom
March 20, 23, 30 2008
2 & 3pm
Based on the true story of William and Ellen Craft, this performance follows Ellen’s personal journey from enslavement to freedom.(March 23 is a BSL session)


African Beats
March 17, 25
1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm
Join in an afternoon of drumming and tribal dance.

African Batik
March 19
Learn about the African art of Batik with artist Barbara Meynall.

Carnival Crafts
Mar 24
1- 4pm
This fun-filled arts and crafts workshop takes carnival as its inspiration. (all)

Crafts and quilting
Mar 16
Learn the art of quilting and create your own patchwork (all)


Tales from Africa
Mar 18, 27
1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm
Come and join in this interactive storytelling session. (up to age 8)

Life in West Africa
Mar 26
1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm
Abeni recounts tales of everyday life in Nigeria. (all)

Lady Lever Art Gallery

Open daily 10am- 5pm
Port Sunlight Village, Wirral
Telephone 0151 478 4136
Free entry

With its intimate atmosphere, the Lady Lever Art Gallery is a great place to immerse your family in art. Home to the extensive personal collection of its founder William Hesketh Lever, this stunning gallery contains amazing treasures around every corner.

The gallery and its collection owe their existence to soap, as Lever made his fortune by founding Lever Brothers. It was the paintings of people in crisp, white clothing for use in his advertisements that sparked Lever’s fascination with art and there are a number of these ‘Sunlight Soap’ paintings on display.

The gallery is also home to an extensive collection of decorative arts including Wedgwood jasperware, Chinese porcelain, tapestries and embroideries.

Special event

Culture vultures
Daily 25 to 28 Mar
A week-long course for young people aged 11 to 16, who want to explore their artistic side. Sketching, art history, craft activities and photography will all play a part. Those attending need to provide a packed lunch. Limited spaces available please pre-book by calling 0151 478 4143: bookings taken from 1 March 2008.


Merseyside Maritime Museum

Open Daily 10am-5pm
Albert Dock, Liverpool
Telephone 0151 478 4499
Free entry

Museum highlights
Set sail and drop anchor for a fun day out with the whole family at Merseyside Maritime Museum. Come and explore our large and varied collections that reflect the seafaring importance of Liverpool as a gateway to the world.

Free exhibitions

Magical History Tour
Until 27 September 2009

Come and join in as we celebrate 800 years of Liverpool’s History in a whirlwind rollercoaster of discovery. Once a tiny fishing village, Liverpool became a bustling Victorian city with worldwide significance. Our tour through Liverpool’s history will give you a chance to explore the city’s most influential years.

Exhibition events

A sense of the 60s
Mar 18, 25
Join us in the Long Room for a fab art and craft workshop. (all)

Market days and medieval ways
Mar 29
1, 2 & 3pm
Find out what Liverpool life was like in 1300 as we explore a medieval marketplace. (all)

Are the peasants revolting?
Mar 16, 17, 30
1, 2 & 3pm
Eleanor de Montague, our lady in waiting, helps you discover more about life in medieval Liverpool. (all)

Magical music tour
Mar 19
2 & 3pm
From Frankie Vaughn to Frankie Goes to Hollywood, celebrate Liverpool’s musical heritage with a trip down memory lane. (all)


Wartime at the Piermaster’s House
Mar 22, 24, 29
At intervals 1–4pm
Meet Rose, the Piermaster’s wife, as she prepares for another day of rations and blackouts. (all)

The leaving of Liverpool
Mar 17, 18, 23, 25, 26
1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm
Join our three travellers and listen to their tales of hope & fear on their way to a new land. (all)

Sea urchins
Mar 30
1, 2 & 3pm
Bring your little ones to play and listen to stories on the first floor early years gallery. (under 5s)

Maritime skills

All hands on deck
Mar 16
At intervals 1–4pm
Ever wonder what a Fid is or why a ship is a she? This fascinating hands-on session reveals all (all)

Medieval woodcarving
Mar 19
At intervals 1– 4pm
See medieval woodcarving in the Magical History Tour.

Ship bottling with Des Newton
Mar 20
At intervals 1– 4pm
Join Des and see how it’s done. (all)


Monster of the deep
Mar 24
Drop anchor at our nautical arts and crafts session. (all)
Mar 23
Celebrate Eid el Adha with our arts and crafts session for the whole family

Lighthouses and Brass Rubbing
Mar 26
1 – 4pm
Join us for a nautical arts and crafts session. (all)


Spotlight on the Titanic
Mar 22, 25
Join our resident demonstrator for the facts and myths that surround the sinking of the Titanic. (all)

Titanic – The Quartermaster’s Story
Mar 22, 24, 30
1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm
Robert Hutchins was at the wheel when Titanic hit the iceberg. Hear his fascinating story told by our resident actor. (All)


Customs & Excise Museum


This year Customs & Excise Museum is undergoing redevelopment (due to re-open late spring 2008). But this doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on our smuggle-busting events. Come and join in with our fun, themed activities in Merseyside Maritime Museum where you will learn more about the dangerous world of smuggling and contraband goods.

Mother Redcap
Mar 20, 28
1.30, 2.30 & 3,30pm
Mother Redcap will be on the gallery to captivate you with stories about the dark and dangerous world of smuggling.

Explore Customs
Mar 17
1- 4pm
Come and get your hands on our collections. Explore the issues of endangered animals, smuggling and fakes. Includes dressing up for under sevens.

Eco-road warriors
Mar 22
1- 4pm
Come and discover how Customs protect the environment and make your own eco-friendly vehicle to show off to your mates!

Countdown to Customs
Mar 24
1 – 4pm
Come along and find out all about Seized – Revenue and Customs uncovered.

Mobile madness
Mar 29
Join us and we will show how to make an animal or sea themed mobile to decorate your room.

National Conservation Centre

Open Daily 10am-5pm
Whitechapel, Liverpool
Telephone 0151 478 4999
Free entry

Museum highlights
Have you ever wondered how we care for objects in our collections? Then bring the whole family along to Reveal – The Hidden Story of Objects, our permanent exhibition with a conservation science lab at its centre.


Metropolis: Capturing Modern Liverpool
21 March – 10 August 2008
Liverpool’s fascinating emergence as a modern city is on display in this captivating exhibition. Featuring over 60 images from the archives of Stewart Bale Ltd, a photographic practice based in Liverpool, the display spans a period of great change for the city. Taken between the 1930s and 1970s the evocative photographs give a remarkable insight into landmark buildings, cutting edge developments, great events and city life. Monumental in scale and beautifully composed, the photographs reflect a Victorian city embracing modernity and industrialisation and are of particular resonance as Liverpool enters its Capital of Culture year, 2008, during a time of massive regeneration.

Family activities

Easter crafts
Mar 18, 19, 20, 22
1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm
Get creative with the whole family with our Easter celebrations…egg painting, card making…lots of fun. (all)

A touching experience
Every Friday
From 1pm
HAPTICS. Not sure what it is? Come along and find out with our demonstrator in Reveal.

Moulding and casting
Mar 25, 26, 27
1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm
This fun-filled family activity shows you how conservators make use of moulds and casts. (all)

A touch of colour
Mar 29
1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm
Could you retouch a damaged painting? This family session will test your skills. (all)

Walk for health
Every Friday
11am- 12 noon
Join our learning staff for a healthy stroll past some of Liverpool’s finest architecture and monumental sculptures. (all)

Sunday Jazz
Every Sunday (Feb to April)
Live Music
Enjoy free live jazz in the beautiful surroundings of Café Eros

World Museum Liverpool

Open daily 10am – 5pm
William Brown Street, Liverpool
Telephone 0151 478 4393
Free entry

Bring the whole family and explore the world under one roof. Discover other civilisations, giant and live creepy crawlies or walk with dinosaurs.

Alternately, get your hands on our collections in the Weston Discovery and Clore Natural History Centres or relax and enjoy one of our fascinating shows in the Treasure House Theatre and Planetarium

Free Planetarium

Come and explore outer space without even leaving your chair in our exciting show about space and astronomy for adults and children over five. Tickets available from the information desk, from 10am and up to five minutes before each performance

Mon to Fri 2.30 & 3.15pm
Sat & Sun 2.15, 3.15 & 4.05pm

Special programme
Mon to Fri 4.05pm The Winter Night Sky, specially for adults and over 7s
Sat & Sun 1.15pm The Sunshine Show, especially for under 7s.

    • 1.45pm The Winter Night Sky’, specially for adults and over 7s

Additional shows at holiday times

Treasure House Theatre

At the Treasure House Theatre, we hold all sorts of exciting and interesting events in our 80-seater theatre. All tickets are free from the information desk. This, our Capital of Culture year we offer a programme that includes:

Ancient civilisations
Pop in and see one of our 20-minute films covering subjects such as Ancient Egypt, Saxons, Vikings, and Romans in Britain.

Food for thought
Visit our Time Travel café where our intrepid chef and waiter will take you on a journey through the history of food. Discover how our ancestors fished, grew, fought and found their dinner. But you’ll have to race to get back in time to save the café from closing, before the dodgy TASTIE machine leaves you stranded.

Samurai armour
Discover the armour of the Samurai warrior in this demonstration using replica 16th century armour. This is your chance to get up close and personal with a piece of history.

Molly the friendly blue whale
Join Rosie or Captain Undersea in this tall tale of a brave whale that escapes a cruel captain, “Boo” and save her friends in a storm – “Hooray”. (ages 3-7)

For above dates and times call 0151 478 4393 or visit

Creepy crawly tours
Mar 18
Come behind-the-scenes and get a fly’s eye view of the museum.

Inro and Netsuke workshop
Mar 19, 26
In Japan, people celebrate the coming of the cherry blossom in spring. Join us and make your very own blossom, Inros (toggles) and Netsukes (boxes). Take inspiration from those in our collection.

Creative Arts
Mar 16
1.30 – 3.30pm
Check out our brand new creative arts workshop for 11 to 18 year olds.