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National Museums Liverpool connects to current issues in new season of podcast

Topics range from art and mental wellbeing, to the war in Ukraine; from heroes on the Mersey to rebels in music.

Episode one: Art as an Anchor 

Can art galleries provide solace in the midst of our difficult modern lives? Can exhibition spaces be designed to help our mental wellbeing? These are the themes we’re exploring in the first episode of our podcast Season 3. 

Art as an Anchor tells the story of art and mental health consultant Angela Samata, who found comfort in a striking portrait of a young woman, by Gerald Brockhurst on display at Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight. Also in this episode, Liverpool visual artist Frances Disley tells us about her 2019 installation ‘Holo Program 115’ acquired by Walker Art Gallery and how it was created to provide relief and distraction for the viewer.  

Introducing episode one in the latest series, NML content producer and co-host of the podcast, Ellie Field said: “The beautiful thing about museums and galleries is that you can take what you want from them. You can be inspired, you can relax, socialise, or even change your life. The first episode of the latest podcast series explores how art can speak to you in unexpected ways, and how artists can create intentional moments that improve mental wellbeing for the viewer.” 

Of upcoming episode War and Reflection, NML content producer and co-host of the podcast, Megan India McGurk said: “Beyond the terrible figures we hear in the news about the war in Ukraine, how are individual lives affected by the horror of war, and why are these stories so important to hear? And in Liverpool, 80 years since the Liverpool Blitz, we explore what broader value there is in sharing our own experiences of war.” 

Other podcast episodes include heroes on the Mersey, rebels in music, Liverpool as a film set and space exploration.  

Mannika Dhadwal, Head of Digital at National Museums Liverpool, said: “Our latest podcast series gives listeners the opportunity to hear some of the stories in our collections and how they are relevant to current topics of debate”.  

Series three sees National Museums Liverpool (NML) working once again with Melodic Distraction – an independent radio station and online magazine based in the city. Guided by hosts from NML and Melodic Distraction, the podcast weaves together a rich mix of stories from NML’s collections along with the experiences of communities across Liverpool today. 

Mannika added: “We’re working with Melodic Distraction to bring listeners an insight into some of the most interesting people and communities who call Liverpool home. We’re certain that the many stories contained within our varied collections will allow listeners to explore connections between the past and the present.” 

Find out more about the National Museums Liverpool podcast at and listen on all the usual podcast platforms. 

You can also tune in to Melodic Distraction every other Sunday (starting from Sunday 23 October) to hear the podcast.