Nagachoo’s Tour of Liverpool

nagachoo-1.jpg nagachoo-2.jpg

[Photographs by Minako.]

Japanese artist Nagachoo is exhibiting his paintings and calligraphy as part of the Fire & Eurhythmy exhibition at Ikonography but he is also a performance artist and has been walking the streets of Liverpool playing various flutes whilst carrying one of his artworks on his back.

Naturally, the locals have taken a lively interest with good humour. He has been invited into shops, offices and even a life-drawing class at the college. Having been here since the start of the Biennial he has given quite a few impromptu performance at various venues and hopes to do a few more before he leaves this weekend.

There is one more open evening at Ikonography this Friday October 13th 17.30 – 20.00 which will include another performance from Nagachoo as well as music, poetry etc.

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