MUSIC – Simon Reynolds on the Hardcore Continuum at FACT

WEDNESDAY 11 February 19.00 onwards. 
£7.00/£5.00 (Members & concs)
Shout out to all UK ravers – renowned author and music journalist Simon Reynolds (Energy Flash/Rip It Up and Start Again) brings rave music to FACT as part of current exhibition DING>>DONG.

In a talk illustrated by seminal tracks, old and new, Reynolds will outline his oft-quoted and sometimes controversial theory of a “Hardcore Continuum”: a thread linking the UK’s rapidly mutating genres of electronic dance music – from hardcore rave to jungle, speed garage to 2step, grime to dubstep to bassline and beyond – through a set of shared influences, including Jamaican sound system culture, digital technology, drugs, and pirate radio.

Reynolds presents the idea in depth, in person, for the first time while addressing its continued relevance and vitality against a backdrop of new genres (funky house), a shift of focus to the North (bassline), and a digital revolution that has new forms of distribution (from peer-to-peer sharing of DJ sets to MySpace) gradually eclipsing the traditional media of pirate radio and vinyl.

Plus, in a special Wire Online exclusive, Reynolds reaches deep into the archive to introduce seven features from The Wire magazine, written from 1992 to 2005 on the (then) emerging genres of ardkore, jungle, drum & bass, speed garage, 2step, and grime. Offered for the first time as a series, the articles will provide a sneak preview of what to expect at FACT.

The event will also feature a discussion between Reynolds and Mark Fisher, Acting Deputy Editor of The Wire and the man behind the influential blog K-Punk, with an audience Q&A session.

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