MUSIC – Breaking The Silence at The Picket

imageFRIDAY 15 May 2009, 20.00 onwards at The Picket 
Breaking The Silence – Giving The Congo A Voice, featuring Rachael Wright, Shane Beales, Steve Pilgrim and Hannah Rigg.  The aim of the event is to highlight crucial, charitable work that is being carried out in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Christian Aid and Frontline’s Africa Project, to encourage people to engage mentally and practically with the work and to raise money.

Projects include work with street children- providing skills training and education, community support for people living with HIV and AIDS, emotional and practical support for women and girls who have suffered rape/sexual violence, and work with child soldiers- reuniting them with their families. 


Music by:
Rachael Wright:
Shane Beales:
Steve Pilgrim:   
Hannah Rigg:

Venue: The Picket
61 Jordan Street, Liverpool, L1 OBW

For more information please contact: Rachael Wright (