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My Home: Adam Nankervis, artist

The home of the artist Adam Nankervis is also a gallery – and every space is crammed with artworks and objects trouvés.
By Deborah Mulhearn – The Independent
Published: 05 April 2006

The Australian artist Adam Nankervis lives surrounded by art and ephemera collected from different people and places over the years. His flat doubles as MuseumMAN, a museum and art gallery with all its rooms open to the public – including the bathroom and toilet. He holds regular exhibitions for artists from around the world.

I always have an opening night party. There are usually about 60 people here though there have been up to 200. It’s all a bit of a squeeze but I love it and I’ve never had a problem. I love the diversity of people who come here. I don’t know how they know about it, but I have a completely open-door policy, and I’ve never had a problem. People come to appreciate the art, but they also respect it as a home.

Liverpool’s a great city. People are sharp as tacks and there is so much talent and creativity. Liverpool has given me so much and I want to put something back. Some people call MuseumMAN a vanity project. Well, I guess it is, in the sense that I get to live here! I now have to start looking for somewhere bigger as I am inviting a lot of artists to Liverpool for this year’s Biennial in autumn and they will need space to exhibit.

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