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Museum MAN,since its genesis in 1997,has been involved over the past decade in several international programmes and with the Liverpool Biennial 2004/2006.
museumMAN is now located in a tree house in the Dartmoor Forest Devon England and continues its manifest in the original apartment in Berlin where the belongings,scant,disbanded and discarded,of one mans life spelt a history of a city in constant turmoil and flux.This core of belongings,photos,documents and souviniers established the beginning of the museum in 1997.

From October 2007/March 2008 museumMAN is taking residency in Chile.

MAN is by nature atomising.
MAN’s space is remanifesting both inner and outer.
Remaining a lived in museum,Museum MAN will take home in three venues across Chile,La Moneda,La Metropolitana Gallery Santiago and the kernel of the permanent collection in Valparaiso.

museumMAN continues as a model of a time:space contiuum,to encourage a dialogue through its collection,within the cities of residence,Berlin and Liverpool,to Santiago and Valparaiso.

The constant disparate,eclectic and rich intervention of artists,musicians,performers ,historians,theorists have torn through the fabric of its histories to open dialogues of the present and a window to tentative futures.

During museumMAN’s time in Liverpool the doors remained open to artists and public alike.With over thirty exhibitions and interventions in Liverpool and cities worldwide,in a two year duration. Berlin and Liverpool,national and international artists have contributed to MAN’s dialogue and are present as part of the collection and donations that will now be housed in Chile for a six month period.

Chilean artists will exhibit,perform,be invited to do interventions alongside international artists and the public will have constant interaction within the spaces of MAN.
An international archive of museums,galleries and artists will be made available to the public in the archive rooms of La Moneda,Chile’s Presidential Palace to bring an audience to potentially unseen material,artists dialogue and practices and alternative curatorial practice.

Seminars are planned with leading art historians,philosophers,poets ,biennial and museum directors through out the six months of MANs residency in Chile.

The proposal for BLURPRINTS circulated in 2004 remains true to the spirit of what museumMAN’s aims remains-

Models and Instruction in an age of Uncertainty

Twinned together,the theme park and museum are intrinsic models borne out of polar, yet intertwined hetrotopias.
The ethereal and peripharal site of the circus,sites of exotic exageration,mocked and painted wonder,collapsable consetenaed candy shacks and illusionist canvas of the alien and its physical extremities-the “permanent” Curiosity Shop was ,it seems, its bone collector.
In the mid !9th Century the acceleration of exact science was to dust away eccentric aesthetes and devotees of unique forms and sciences,to establish the beginnings of the catalogue,and to develop guidance through history in an order that made human,animal,botanical,geological,spacial evolution,once an ill considered far away labyrinth deliberate tools of selective representation in order to guide and instruct firstly the acamedician,and from the early success of World Fairs and Expositions,that of the public too.
By the beginnings of the 20th Century,both instiitutes had laid foundations.Architecture of folly and attainment,sympathy,harmonies,wonder and awe,though divisive in their aims,have become brothers to the crowds.Architectual butrusses of ascent and descent in age of uncertainty.
Blue Prints of the Senses will aim toward representing both artists and architects visions wether utopic or apocalyptic.An organic assemblageThe aim being the exhibition itself forms its own dynamic dialogue through stark,witty,planned and chaotic structure.Where Susan Hiller’s Punch and Judy video insatallation awaits for the ergonimic immersion into space.In and out of memory,to the glass entombent of extinct wildlife,leant from The Manchester Natural History Museum,an icecream van,fortune tellers behind marquettes of Frank Gehry’s Bilboa and The Judisches Museum blueprints of Lieberskind hanging….hammocked from behind by large rainbow,David Medalla”s Stitch in Time,an interactive weave of the particapory,the ephemeral,transportable,and through interaction,a free form catalogue of a definitive time.Much like the exhibition itself..

December 2004

Since written and circulated over two years ago and used as the model for MAN’s Another Vacant Space,(founded in SoHo New York City in 1992),for the Liverpool Biennial 2006,there is a considered shift.New models are emerging.

museumMAN will remain a collage,an assemblage,where artists are invited to sculpt within an environment that has and remains a place of colliding dichotomy,that spells a future that could be,may be,in this,an age of uncertainty.

I am gratefully joined by Alexia Tala,co cordinator museumMANchile.

Adam Nankervis
Museum MAN
Paris June 2007

Alexia Tala


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