Move in to the Bluecoat.

bluecoat-homepage.jpgNot for the first time recently we put on big boots, hard hats and yellow jackets to look round a building site.

Yesterday it was the Bluecoat. (formerly the Bluecoat Arts Centre). Still a lot to do there but its looking really good. If I was a practising artist I’d love to have my studio there. As well as studio spaces there’s retail outlets and spaces for creative industries.

There will be a selection process as they are keen to have the most suitable mix of people, they are keen that all the tenants should be active participants in the Bluecoat community.

They’ve done a great job of keeping original features but adding the latest fittings and technology sympathetically. There are 4 galleries of various sizes which are looking really good, much better than the old one. The performance area looks a bit small to me but it was full of scaffolding so maybe thats why.

As well as a small cafe at the side of the re-designed spacious entrance, the old performance room on the first floor will be a good sized restaurant which will stay open into the evenings.

This project has seemed to be going on for an awful long time and it won’t be complete until early 2008 but everyone’s starting to get really excited now, quite rightly.
If you are interested in renting any of the studio, retail or creative spaces get in touch with Lynne Robertson 0151 702 5328,

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