Mothman Sighting in Cyprus

cyprus_mothman.jpgMothman sighting in Cyprus
By Tony Knox

Paphos the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, has so defined Cyprus as a place that combines history, culture and legend. With 11,000 years of long history, this land has experienced civilizations to come and go, from Alexander the Great to Cleopatra. Paphos new mysteries are afoot and here is the evidence, the lone figure of the mothman captured by holiday makers in search of spiritual awaking, they where overwhelmed to see the mothman they always thought is was a hoax

‘It Just stood there glistening in the light then it moved with such speed as though it was vibrating then I felt a chill all around me then it started to thunder and the figure was gone ”
Peter Jarman age 35.

This is the first sighting and report of the mothman since late November 2007 at the Liverpool garden festival.


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