Mothman Returns for the Biennial


Independents-logo-150Tony Knox’s  Mothman comic book, limited edition of 500 numbered 1 to 500. Once they are gone there is always the online version.

Mothman comic book is available at the Bluecoat and selected galleries throughout Liverpool.

This  is the follow up to issue zero realised at the 2008 Biennial.

This features the original work created by eight India Patachitra masters  Anwar Chitrakar,  Bahadur Chitrakar, Manu Chitrakar, Jaba Chitrakar, Yakub Chitrakar, Karuna Chitrakar, Baku Chitrakar, Suman Chitrakar based on mothman in their village while  Knox was in India as part of a Planet Art eXchange project.

Other artists featured are Anna McDade , Steph Fletcher , Alan Worswick
Tony knox is Based at Wolstenholme  studios, Liverpool.UK

To view the comic now


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