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Milapfest invites nominations for the 3rd annual National Indian Arts Awards 2017

Milapfest invites nominations for the 3rd annual

Recognising & Celebrating great talent and achievement in Indian Arts in Britain


South Asians, who migrated to England over the past 70 years, have always aspired to ensure that their children, as well as the local communities, have generous opportunities to learn about their arts and heritage through teaching and performances. Over the decades, several dedicated professionals have worked tirelessly for making this possible. Up and down the British Isles there are schools, classes, and art organisations working tirelessly for this cause. However, whilst there are numerous ways of recognising the sterling contribution of those in Business, Finance, Medicine, and other professional categories, until the establishment of the National Indian Arts Awards, there has never been any national award that recognises and celebrates such dedicated work in the Arts.

It is very important that the contribution of such professionals is recognised and honoured. The establishment of these awards has created a better understanding of how such selfless work empowers and enriches the younger generation, and how it helps build bridges between communities and people.

These Awards significantly contribute towards providing more focus on the contribution of the Arts professionals working in the field of Indian Arts and provide opportunities for their work to expand in the years ahead.

Winners at the 2016 NIAAs

In 2016, we were particularly delighted to welcome Sir Peter Bazalgette, the Chairman of the Arts Council England, who presented the awards to a distinguished panel of winners which included Smt. Sivadharini Sahathevan (Acharya Ratna, Music), Smt. Smt. Usha Raghavan (Acharya Ratna, Dance), and Smt. Manorama Prasad (Lifetime Achievement Award). The Young Musician of the Year Awards went to Aditi Subramanian & Jaspreet Kaur Rajbans from the Samyo and Tarang Orchestral groups.

In the previous year, the awards were presented by the High Commissioner of India, Dr Ranjan Mathai, Lord Navnit Dholakia, and the DCEO of the Arts Council England.


Acharya Ratna (Nritya/Dance): Smt. Usha Raghavan

Acharya Ratna (Sangeet/Music): Smt. Shivatharini Sahathevan

Lifetime Achievement Award: Smt. Manorama Prasad

Samyo/Sabrang Musician of the Year: Aditi Subramaniam

Tarang Musician of the Year: Jasprit Rajbans

Yuva Sangeet Ratna: Jasdeep Singh Degun


Milapfest have enlarged the Awards categories from 2017 to rightly reflect the great wealth of talent and dedication that characterises Indian Arts nationally and internationally.

The Sangeet Acharya Ratna Categories (Distinguished Teachers Award) will be now be awarded to both a Hindustani and a Carnatic Music teacher separately.

The Nritya Acharya Ratna Category will now have an award for distinguished teaching efforts in both the Bharatanatyam and Kathak/Odissi dance forms.

The Yuva Sangeet Ratna Award (Young Musician of the Year) will be awarded in three categories: Instrumental, Vocal & Percussion in Hindustani & Carnatic Music.

The Yuva Nritya Ratna Award (Young Dancer of the Year), similarly, will be divided into both Bharatanatyam & Kathak/Odissi dance forms.

All this, of course, will be judged by a distinguished National Jury, who will be the final judges in each particular category.

In 2017, we are also establishing two new International Arts Awards to be given to artists who are making a substantial contribution to Indian Arts and heritage internationally. Our vision is to award it to the emerging generation of artists who are changing the perception of Indian arts across the world or have a considerable track record of creating international artistic work.

The Yuva Sangeet Ratna 2016 Award


Nominations for the 2017 International Indian Arts Awards Now Open

Milapfest invite everyone connected with Indian Arts to nominate teachers and artistes whom you consider deserve these high honours:

A Life Time Achievement Award in Arts & Education
A Distinguished Teachers Award in Music ~ Acharya Ratna / Sangeet
Two Awards: One for Teachers of Carnatic Music and another for Hindustani Music
A Distinguished Teachers Award in Dance ~ Acharya Ratna / Nritya
Two Awards: One for Teachers of Bharatanatyam and another for Kathak/Odissi
Young Musician of the Year Awards
Three Awards: One each in Instrumental Music, Percussion & Vocal Music
Young Dancer of the Year ~ Yuva Nrityaratna
Two Awards: One in Bharatanatyam and another for Kathak/Odissi
Download the Nomination Form for the 2017 National Indian Arts Awards

Nomination Deadline


Completed forms must be submitted electronically by 5pm on Sunday 24th September 2017.
Applications will be assessed by a nationally selected jury panel.
Final results will be announced on Tuesday 10th October 2017.​
Completed registrations should be sent to Stephanie Martin – Marketing & PR Manager, Milapfest. Email: | Tel: 0151 291 3949

Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone you think might be interested in nominating.