Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Miffy at the Gallery

miffy-at-the-gallery artists-year-book 2006

I was given ‘Miffy at the Gallery’ by Dick Bruna for Christmas and I bought for myself ‘The Artists Yearbook 2006’ edited by Ossian Ward.
Its a good combination, you know I take art very seriously (oh yes I do!) and I like facts and accurate information so the Yearbook will be useful. It only covers the UK and lists galleries, museums, internet sites, suppliers and services, art colleges, societies etc. I am going to have to send the editor a few additions and updates for the next edition though, there’s some inaccuracies and omissions in there.
But I also like my art to be fun and Miffy agrees…
“Time to go home her parents said,
and Miff said, what a shame,
I think art galleries are fun,
I’m very glad we came”

Well said Miffy.