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Met Quarter – “Articles Of Hope, Adornments For Justice”

adornments-100“Articles Of Hope, Adornments For Justice”
– 15 November 2009
The Manchester Jewellers Network
presents a collection of jewellery and body adornments based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Through the unusual medium of art jewellery, MJN have grasped their rights of freedom of expression – to educate, challenge and provoke debate though their new exhibition for 2009.

Eleven MJN members have interpreted eleven articles from the declaration to create unusual, individual and often personal jewellery pieces. The themes and issues addressed include freedom of choice, hunger, industrial disease, access to medicine, the female right to vote, knife crime and China’s rule over Tibet.

The jewellery is supported by a photography exhibition by Jonathan Keenan, showing shots of the work worn on the body.

Supported by the Arts Council England, this unique exhibition takes a fresh look at the concept of “Campaign Jewellery.” Jewellery is not solely worn for the decoration and adornment of the wearer but deliberately carries symbolic significance to show marks of allegiance, political, religious or ethical persuasions to challenge the viewer.

Website: www.adornmentsforjustice.org

The Met Quarter

35 Whitechapel,
Liverpool L1 6DA

Monday to Saturday and 9.30am to 6pm
Thursday late night to 7pm
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This exhibition is part of Liverpool Design Festival.