Mersey Marathon 2008?

Yeh, why not? (As long as I don’t have to enter)


Mersey marathon?
As Liverpool is to be the Capital of Culture in 2008 and Merseyside has a proud, fine sporting heritage and as such should provide exceptional, blue ribbon events in the city; this subsequently showcases the city as an exemplar of sport and participation by residents and visitors. Such an event, which could encapsulate a range of races/events on the day, would encourage families and young people to participate in a sporting event that could have long-term positive benefits for their health and wellbeing.
This event would not only support the city’s drive to encourage healthy living in its residents, and in particular children, but would also serve to promote sporting interest in the forthcoming Olympic games in 2012. Visitors from all over the UK and indeed the world would travel to the city for such an event, thereby boosting visitor numbers and revenue for the city, and providing a positive view of the city, which is both affirmative and lasting. Please sign our petition and join the campaign now!


  1. yes PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    we have lost too many marathons in this country as it is
    it would be funny if this turned out to be my 100th———

  2. It would be great to have the Mersey Marathon back. However, for those who have never been involved in organising even a local fun run, it needs to be borne in mind that the organisation for such a huge event is massive. Local clubs have been approached to ask if they will assist but even so it is a huge undertaking requiring time, resource, dedication and a lot of cash up front.
    This isn’t throwing cold water on it, just helping people understand that it isn’t just a case of saying “let’s have a marathon”. I’d love it to happen! But before it does, there’s road closures, health & safety, first aid, police, water, marshalls, goody bags, medals, entry forms, sponsors, car parking… the list, believe me, is endless! And like it or not, the Culture Company doesn’t have a bottomless pot of dosh.
    But hey, let’s keep the enthusiasm going!

  3. it would be fantastic to have a marathon in liverpool but two things prevent this 1.funding from lcc inept council who couldnt run a bar on mathew st let alone a 26 mile race around the building sites of this city


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