Friday, June 21, 2024
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Mersey Ferries celebrated in latest exhibition by photographer, Pete Carr

This exhibition features 31 previously unseen photographs by Pete Carr from his ongoing project to document his regular commute on the Mersey Ferries.

While rush hour is a time of traffic congestion, delays and frustration for many people, travelling on the ferry is a much more relaxing and enjoyable way to start and end the day. As a photographer, Pete is constantly inspired by the changing light at sunrise and sunset.

“Growing up on the Wirral, with family on both sides of the river, I’ve taken trips on the ferry since I was a kid. Days out with my nan, who was from Bootle, and school trips to the museums. However it’s only since I started using the ferry every day as a commuter that I got to really appreciate its brilliance. Sailing towards the Liverpool skyline on a frosty cold day with snow on the deck, a hot brew in one hand and an ice cold camera in the other while taking in the stillness of the sunrise. As a photographer the light is stunning but as a person the commute does wonders for mental health.”  — Pete Carr

Each year the Mersey Ferries are packed with many thousands of tourists, especially during the busy summer months. In contrast, Pete’s photographs capture a time of peace and reflection, which is usually only experienced by commuters. You are invited to enjoy it yourself through his photographs in this exhibition.

The exhibition runs until 30 May both inside and outside The Shed at Unit 51 Cafe, Baltic Creative in the Baltic Triangle. It will also be open late as part of LightNight, on Friday 19 May. This is an excellent opportunity to see lots of exhibitions in venues which are open late specially for LightNight, including many events and activities nearby in the Baltic Triangle.