Memory Project – Williamson Sq. this Weekend

memory project imageThe O2 Memory Project – an exciting community artwork by Jason Bruges Studio – after travelling to London and Edinburgh will be in Williamson Sq. Liverpool for three days from May 3-5 2008. Free Entry.
The work uses cutting-edge technology to explore the temporary nature of our digital memories, drawing on the theme of ‘nothing is lost’.

Commissioned by O2 and inspired by Bluebook, a service that saves contacts and automatically stores photos and texts for O2 customers, The Memory Project is an interactive installation piece conceived to prompt thought and discussion around how we capture and store digital memories.

Physically reminiscent of a Victorian cyclorama, The O2 Memory Project is a 10 foot high cylinder with eleven cameras placed equidistance around its perimeter. Each of these cameras takes a picture in sequence every five seconds, creating a 360 degree, digital panorama of the outside location very minute. Animated lights on The O2 Memory Project’s exterior shell signal when each camera is about to take a shot.

These images are then transmitted to giant screens on the structure’s interior. Visitors can venture inside to view and interact with the images via thermal images cameras. These cameras allow visitors to ‘direct’ which images are displayed – moving to shift the displayed images back and forwards in time, interacting with the location’s memories with ‘Minority Report’ style gestures