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Looks like I’m going to have to move to Salford Quays – my kinda town.

MediaCity:UK is a new media city, an innovative, creative hub, to rival other new media cities emerging around the world.

MediaCity:UK is surrounded by water. At its heart is a triangle of iconic buildings, The Lowry, Imperial War Museum and a new media complex, home to the BBC.

A new network of tightly knit streets, squares and boulevards will cascade down into a huge waterfront piazza, a place to watch the sunset, enjoy a drink or a concert, and have some great conversations.

MediaCity:UK, based at Salford Quays, is Manchester’s waterfront. It enjoys all the benefits of the City Centre, with the space for an explosion of new media and creative industries.

MediaCity:UK is for people of all ages to live, to work, to learn, to create, to think, to relax, to visit, to enjoy…and to dream.


  1. For a detailed, maintained photographic timeline of the Media City : UK (MC:UK) Salford Quays development site, do a search on ‘media city uk salford quays q3’ in Google. Actual visible development started in June and the first full sized crane went up yesterday. Judging by the pace of the development and the fact that aspects of the first building (3-4 storeys) are already in place, the pace of construction is quite impressive to complete by 2010/11.

  2. I thought Liverpool Art & Culture readers might be interested to know the current status of the actual build for MediaCity:UK in Salford Quays as of December 2007.

    The site now consists of 6 cranes with a 7th and 8th on the way (crane bases in place). Most of the concrete cores of the new BBC building look to be in place or started, rising to 10-11 stories (maybe more) for the highest cores.

    The land for the taller buildings off to the side of the main BBC building (right from the Lowry Centre side) is still being dug and prepared but more temporary cabins are in place off Broadway (the road that runs through the back of the Quays) presumably to house more MediaCIty:UK project staff and a contingent of the BBC (cameramen) looking at the latest articles across the internet.

    The current phase of the build occupies 35-40 acres (next to the City Lofts flats) with other phases planned across the water on the Imperial War Museum side.

    The overall site is something of the order of 200 acres but no visible signs of development has started outside the main phase 1 area currently. No doubt this will depend on discussions with other media companies being persuaded to join the MediaCity:UK estate.

    For a photographic timeline for November / December and beyond (and pictures back to June of this year), go to Google and search on ‘media city uk salford quays timeline q4’.

    Judging be the pace of the development, there is a big push on to meet the 2010/11 date for the first phase completion.

    Those currently thinking about a career in the media by way of a chosen degree (media studies, photography etc.) might be one of the 15,500 new jobs to be created between now and 2011 in the first phase of this build. Also, the price of properties (and especially flats) in the area will almost certainly rise as a result of the considerable development occuring in this location with new flats being built currently.

    I have worked as an IT Manager in Salford Quays for 12 years and live in North Bolton. When I first came here, the skyline of the Quays area was relatively flat but now houses such buildings as The Designer Outlet (80 outlet stores), The iconic Lowry and Imperial War Museum Buildings and new flat developments which continue to be built in anticipation of the BBC move and general growth in this area.


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