Meadow Installation in Everton Park

by1I’m Blue, You’re Yellow

In spring 2012 artist Rebecca Chesney was commissioned by Landlife with support from the Arts Council to realise the planting of two acres of meadow on Everton Park in Liverpool.

These two meadows were commissioned as a result of her research during a residency at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2010/11 where she proposed the creation of habitat to help encourage and support local populations of bees and other insects.

One acre is made entirely of blue flowering species, the other acre is entirely of yellow flowering species. Each acre is square in shape.
The meadows will remain on site for at least 3 years and they will gradually change as perennial species establish and the annuals diminish.

This is the second year of the installation – and it’s flowering right now! Make sure you get a chance to see it.

Images by Rebecca Chesney: